Friday, May 21, 2010

Laundry Sneak Peek....

Due to the long wait for tradesmen , the finished laundry unveil will  not be happening today :(
So I decided to do a little sneak peek update instead.
The stone benches & sink went in yesterday , the electrician is coming on Tuesday , no day from the plumber as yet on his arrival aahhhh. 
The idea was to have a laundry that was white with bursts of colour my favourite blue. I want to create a fresh & fun feel.
So this is where we are up to..... 

Old dryer will be replaced with a  new shiny white ( hubby dosent understand why I need to replace the dryer we have had for 18 years & very rarely use ) call me vain but the reason is it just looks dreadful with all the new shiny things & its a good excuse to give it to a lady I know who dosent have one & is having trouble hanging her sheets & towells on the line due to arthritis.
 Cupboard door still to go on & handles to be choosen & I am painting the walls white & the door a lovely glossy white .The tap is just sitting there , waiting for me to decide if I am happy with it. I keep saying its just the laundry you dont need the tap that you love at 4 times the price of this one. I was going to put overhead cupboards up but I am now thinking a nice thick white shelf.
Then there is the splashback , It will be 600mm high & I cant decide weather to end it at the bench or continue it behind the washing machine  ? I think it will make the laundry look longer along the wall if I continue it along. But then where do I end the overhead shelf ? Opinions on that issue would be greatly appreciated.
I have had all kinds of ideas from white subway tiles with a bevelled edge to wallpaper with a sheet of glass over it (been advised against this) or have a laser print like a floral design in blue to attach behind glass , beadboard painted milk blue or white ( I do have another small bench in the laundry that I think I will add the beadboard too.

So I quickly popped into The Tile Mart  this morning as Jnr son just wanted to go home !  But I did manage to get a few samples. Did I mention I have decided I am going to attempt tiling the splashback myself , how difficult could it be ??? she says with nervous trepidation. The white tiles  just seemed a bit bland with the white bench top , even though I love white.

I keep going past the laundry today & every time I look in these glass tiles get me excited. Not sure if its
because it is the only colour in there or because I just love them. I always go the safe route , but Im feeling a little cheeky today........

                                                      Enjoy your weekend
                                                              Karyn x


  1. Ooh, I love this little sneak peek Karyn - I really like your ideas. Your laundry is so light and bright. My vote is for shelves rather than cupboards to keep the room looking open rather than making it feel smaller. I also think shelves give you scope for decorating and displaying pretty things and you can always hide things in attractive baskets. I was going to say splashback all the way along but then I was stumped about where you'd stop the overhead shelf...? If you did stop the shelf before the washing machine, you could always find some pretty artwork to hang above the machine perhaps. How nice of you to think of giving your old dryer to that lady who sounds like she'll really appreciate it. I love those glass tiles too. Can't wait to see more progress pics - you've given me some real inspiration xx

  2. How exciting to see it coming together Karyn! What a nice lot of light coming through the window.
    I tiled our kitchen splashback using mosaic sheets from Bunnings (very economical) and there wasn't too much drama. They're still on the wall so I must've done something right! I did a post if you're interested, although it's not a step by step or anything, more a before and after.

  3. oh karyn- i'm soo glad you like the {this moment}- i love fridays in our house- we have always called them *fun fridays* and do the things you are not allowed to do on school nites like pizza in the garden at 9pm....remember its light here in the north of england till after and light again at 3 in the no-one is asleep in this house at 9!
    but...i love fridays even more now for the {this moment} as it always makes me *reflect* on our week...which has to be a good thing....whatever the week held...
    now...onto your very big and important laundry bench question...
    i would continue the shelf all along that wall behind the washer...and buy some of those fab tin containers that hold your washing powder and such above...and then, as amanda said get some lovely baskets and retro or vintage looking products to make the room a happy place for you to spend time in....and i think you're a doll to give your dryer to that elderly lady...thats just good karma...and may help your husband see how lovley you are and buy the house another one! tee the glass tiles....have fun!!
    melissa x

  4. It's looking good Karyn. I am afraid I am not much help though. I always go for the safe option of keep it neutral then add in the colour etc with accessories. However, the laundry was one place I did put border tiles (10 Years ago). I do think you should tile behind the washing machine just to keep it all uniform and make the room look longer. Instead of one overhead shelf, what about two staggered so they cover over the washing machine as well. Oh the fun on the reno. Have a great weekend.

  5. Oh I love your tile choices for the laundry and look forward to seeing the final result! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I'm so excited! It's going to be beautiful. Good luck with the tile choice...I don't miss those decisions! Rachaelxx

  7. Just a quick tip, some people know this some don't...If you do glass tile please make sure you use a flat trowel on the back grout. Sometimes the lines show through the glass if you use a fingered trowel.

  8. Karyn,I completely understand why you NEED a shiny new dryer in your new laundry room! I say go with the cheeky feeling and get the tile!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. I have a bit of a laundry fetish, so I'm loving this post! And I agree, an old dryer in this lovely new room would be so wrong. I like to continue the tiling behind the machine, and you can get strips to 'finish' the edges if necessary. As for tiles. I like the glass samples you've chosen, and you can't go past white subway, so either option would look great. I think you should always go with your gut, so if you're loving them every time you see them, you're on the right track. K xx

  10. Hi Karyn
    Just saw your sneek peek of your laundry and wow, it already looks a million $$$. What is the traffic like in your laundry? If it is not a thoroughfare and you only go there to do the washing and folding then be brave and go for some colour with your splashback. How about a combo of white subways with some of the mosaics you've picked? I am not overly fond of open shelving, but that is only me, as I currently have open shelving and don't particularly like the look of powders and detergents on it. I will be renovating our laundry soon and as I have some interesting tiles on the floor (navy blue, light blue and white) I am thinking 'Santorini!' - bright white walls to offset the blue in the tiles.
    Oh, and thanks for commenting on my kitchen post.
    Cheers, Maja


Love reading all of your comments.
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