Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mothers Day

Hope your day starts like this........

or this.....

or maybe..... 

& you get some of these .....

& a thoughtful gift ......

lots of hugs from the kids......

this would be my wish this year.....

maybe you could relax on this......

while someone is 
  baking you this......

 & finish the day with this......

Happy Mothers Day to all the 
wonderful mums 
around the
(to many to name you all individually) 

Karyn x

Images from Martha Stewart & Kikki K


  1. Oh THAT would be my perfect day! Let's see how it pans out hey! A-M xx

  2. Hi Karyn..I hope my day is like that...pop over to my blog I have a suprise for you...take care Kym X

  3. I'll have all of the above thanks! Actually I've spied two very sweetly wrapped little presents waiting for me..and I have to get myself back to bed now so I can wake up again to breakfast in bed..can't wait! Happy Mothers Day! xx

  4. Sounds like the very best MD anyone could imagine! Leigh

  5. I've already had most of the above and the day's only half over. I love Mothers Day!!!

  6. It all looks very lovely. Let's all hope our day is like that. Have a great one!

  7. Hi Karyn, thanks for the Mother's Day wishes. Hope yours was a wonderful one too. I made a few batches of trial cupcakes over the weekend, including your yummy recipe - I don't think my icing skills are up to scratch yet though :) Thanks for all your tips. Have a great week xx


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x