Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A cosy corner.....

It is pouring with rain this morning , cool & dark ,which is a lovely change
 from our usual hot glare in the sunshine state (just yesterday I was building
sand castles on the beach).
This is the room I would love to be in today curled up in that gorgeous chair
 reading a book infront off the fireplace.
 Or maybe I would be distracted by all the beautiful details in the room.
 From the  copper light , the stunning archway (look at the thickness of the wall),
the rug , the scent of the flowers on the oval coffee table..... ahhh back to reality.
Just think Karyn, when the renovations are complete you will be able to do this,
so stop pondering & get on with it !!
 Im so easily distracted these days , but good news the laundry is having a template
 done for the benchtop today, fingers crossed in two weeks time it should be complete !

Karyn x
Image Sarah Richardson


  1. It's damp and gloomy here in Victoria too. I am home from work with my big boy who is not feeling well. Instead of snuggling on the couch I have spent the whole morning in blogland. I wish I was by that lovely fire in the photo!

  2. Oh what a glorious room... the mouldings!... they make it! A-M xx

  3. What a fabulous room Karyn.. just what I need in gorgeous sunny Victoria... Ha Ha...I think we all like a spot to curl up by the fire but not sure you have too many of those types of days in beautiful Queensland.Hope we get to see your laundry Take care Kym X

  4. What a beautiful room! I would love to be curled up in front of that fireplace with my cuppa right now :) I think we need some of your rain over this way in WA, nothing but sunny skies forecast for this week which is lovely, but the new herbs I planted on the weekend could really do with a good soaking :)

  5. I'm very excited to see your laundry! I love dark, rainy days and cosy corners. What a beautiful room..had to be Sarah! Rxx

  6. I love this room. It's so perfect. Thanks for sharing Karyn.


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x