Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome 2013 , Ive been waiting for you !

As I reflect on the year nearly behind us
a very turbulent year 
and look ahead with hope & excitement.
I had to stop trying to understand why the people closest to us when we needed them most turned their backs & I had to try to understand that some people just cant cope with helping people close to them ,  just in need of a hug , company or even a kind word of encouragement. 
I will never understand but I can let go & move forward.
If you have family that are close to you & are loving , caring & kind hold onto them tight & never take it for granted that they are there & give the same affection back to them.
2012 wasnt all disheartening. 

Because my two beautiful children were in it & they had some amazing positive experiences
My handsome sons first year at school we learnt what a bright boy he is , made lots of new friends & equally lots of parties to attend !
 My beautiful daughter's creativity continues & love of dancing. 
I have to thank God they had good times as well.

As I look forward , it will be with a positive energy .
I wish you all a wonderful year ahead full of all your hopes & dreams.

Karyn x


  1. Karyn, I hope with 2012 over, you can welcome in a fresh new year full of positivity and uplifting experiences... you deserve it! Much love xx

  2. Happy New Year Karyn - I hope 2013 is your best yet!


  3. My very best wishes for a great 2013. I hope it's just fabulous.

  4. Hi lovely, I tried to email you and leave comments but the email address was rejected. Hopefully, it works this time. I'm so happy to hear that your husband is recovering, that's wonderful. Don't worry about people not being there for you, it happens to all of us! Lots of love to you and a Happy New Year! Rachael xx

  5. I hope 2013 is a much better year for you all. People are peculiar and hard to predict aren't they! Treasure those who you can rely and trust. Most importantly I hope you have lots of fun this year. Deb


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x