Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seizing The Day..... a wonderful day

This beautiful day .......

 5am picked rambling gardenias from the garden ,
the scent was devine.......

6am Baking banana & cinnamon muffins ......

6.30am - the resident magpie dropped by I think because he could smell 
the muffins cooling on the windowsill
( can magpies smell , probably not ).......

8am - after breakfast , Master J decides he wants to do a painting
he painted a road with a truck & wrecker ......

10 am - time for morning tea 

12 noon - Lunchtime 
lettuce & tomatoes fresh from our garden.......

1pm - party time at Southport Aquatic Centre
Now this is where I left Master J with daddy watching
 when I had to go & pick up big sister from ballet rehersals.
He was jumping into a pit of foam
 ( it was supposed to be a pool party but as there was 
a threat of electrical storms , swimming was out for the time being)......

1.30 pm - When I came back this is where he was , standing on a 3 meter diving platform !!!
I call out " noooo"
 too late apparently he had already jumped off the 5 meter one just a few minutes ago...... 

2 pm - 4pm There was no stopping him.
He loved it. 
All the parents were sitting back watching the kids 
having the best time. 
When out of the blue & out of character for me , I said Im jumping in
in my clothes !!! What really , yep I did it !!
A little hesitation then just said in my mind DO IT !!
More parents followed.
The kids thought it was great , it was so freeing to just let go.....
( I was going to post the picture of me in my wet clothes 
Nah, still cant reveal myself , maybe that should be my next challenge ) 

Because of the storm threat earlier in the day , basically everyone had left 
& the party we were invited to were the only ones there.
I have never been there in all the years of living on the coast.
It was a great idea to have a party & our lifeguard was the best !!

On the way home ( in my still damp clothes ) I got the craving
for a good old fashioned hamburger.
I havent had one in years !!!
Stopped at Paradise Point , kids had chips & played on the sand after.

5.00pm - Of course the seagulls stopped by 
to see if we had chips to throw their way.
We bid them farewell & headed home.

6.00 pm - Kids bathed & in their cosy PJ's 
We had such an amazing day we didnt want it to end.
Out came the popcorn & The Lorax DVD.
Perfect Day
Have you had one of those lately 
or taken a chance out of the ordinary & just seized the moment ? 
I would love to hear about it
Karyn x


  1. Hi Karyn,
    Don'f forget also to share the image and a link on your Facebook for your chance to win the personalized lucite tray.

  2. Hi Karyn, it was lovely to hear from you! I tried to send you an email but then realised you have a new one. I am so sorry about what you've been through this year. You must be very strong to have coped so well. This is a lovely post, it does sound like a really wonderful day. Lots of love, Rachael xx

  3. Good on you for doing something freeing and spontaneous :) Bet your kids loved it :) Hope you are doing well and having a relaxing lead up to Christmas xx


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x