Sunday, September 23, 2012

When life gets in the way of blogging........

My mantra 
I say everyday
5 months since I blogged , where has the time gone.......

Well here is the short version
full version will come over the coming days

18 months ago my husband was diagnosed with liver cancer ,
Went on a liver transplant list ,
Had a liver transplant 3 months ago ,
I had to try and run his business & look after two young children while he recovered in Brisbane
Meanwhile a multi national company opened up directly across the road 
from our business ,
80% down in sales instantly
we went under within weeks ,
closed down a business that had been there for 30 years ,
now unemployed for the first time ever !
Trying now to find a way to save our home.
Have entered unchartered waters
Feel like I have aged 10 years but I 
have learnt I am a strong woman , stronger than I have ever imagined.
Grateful for the chance my husband has been given to see his young children grow up.
 Saddened at the same time a life was lost for this gift to our family.
We must embrace life 
no matter what challenges lay ahead for our family.
For now saying my mantra.....

Karyn x


  1. Karyn, it is good to hear from you, I had been wondering how things were. What a horrible time you have had. I am so happy to hear your husband was able to be given the gift of a transplant. That must have been such a relief. I am sorry about your business, that is just awful to hear. It sounds like you found strength you never knew you had. Sending you my best wishes for courage and strength to you all.Deb

  2. OMG Karyn, OMG! What a shocking time you have been having. I am so pleased to hear that your husband has been given second chance but devastated to hear about your business. I understand the digging deep bit. When pushed to the wall you have no idea how strong you can be. Good on you. So wonderful to hear from you again. A-M xx

  3. Oh Karyn, I'm so sorry to hear all you've been going through. Sending big hugs and much love your way. Be strong xx

  4. I have been wondering how things are going. So sorry to hear how difficult things have been, but so great the transplant went well. It is truly amazing what you can cope with when you have to though. Hoping things pick up for you soon.

    TDM xxx

  5. My god, what an overwhelming year ... you have down amazingly well to get through all of that. Then you have to keep smiling and be strong for the kids too. I hope piece by piece you get your life back to a happy, secure place!


  6. Hi Karyn, you were on my list of - "I wonder what happened to.....". I am so sorry, what a time you have been through, how simply devastating :(

    Sending strength to you and your family x

  7. Karyn thank you for your kind words yesterday! My husband is doing so much better and has even started walking. I think physical therapy will be in our future for a while but we are so thankful!

    Having been away myself from blog land has me missing out on important things people are dealing with. I am so sorry to hear all that you have been going through. What a relief your husband got a transplant, I hope he is doing well. How heart breaking about your business. I am sure that was painful to go through!

    I'm not sure when I'll return to blogging. I do miss it but more importantly the friends I've made!

    Take care and continued strength going out to you!



Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x