Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Francessco , a fishy story.....

Our 'New' addition to the family
Its very hard to get a fish to stay still for a great shot !

Here are the supplies for set up we purchased at the pet shop in Oxenford ,
 I already had this bowl & was told it was 
perfect for one 'fighting fish'.....

First the kids added the rinsed white stones.....

Then we added the living plants & water with a few drops of water ager

There he goes being gently lowered in by two little peoples hands.....

Keeping a close eye as he swam around in his new surroundings....

Happy in his new home.....

We were going to get a puppy but we weren't ready yet
for such a big responsibility (in time Master. J )
We of course picked white stones & him for his stunning blue colour.
What a surprising joy Francessco is , we have since added a mirror we take in & out 
each day for his daily stimulation & exercise , as they are a fighting fish & we were told by the pet shop they need to.
Well my brother had gotten a red one the same week as us.
When his looks in his mirror he becomes very aggressive as you would expect.
But not our Francessco he looks in his mirror & says (in a French accent of course)
"I am a lover not a fighter" sure he fans out his beautiful tale but he likes what he sees.
Often when I am doing my bookwork at the bench he swims over & looks at me.
Its funny but with my youngest of to school now , 
Francessco is lovely to watch for a calming destraction when Im working.
He only eats a few tiny pellets a day & we clean his bowl about every 10- 14 days.
The only trouble we had for the first week was our cat took a interest in him.
The novelty wore off after a few days of putting a food net over his bowl when were weren't around.

Karyn x

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  1. What a gorgeous blue he is!! Grace has been telling me for a while now she'd like a fish one day. I prefer a pretty fish bowl to a fish tank but didn't think a goldfish would last long in one of those. Maybe a fighting fish like yours would be a good option and if we get a blue one, he'll make my decorating style perfectly :)

    Hope you had a happy Easter x


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