Sunday, October 2, 2011

Been away a while.......

Ive been away some months now from sharing my thoughts , my joys , my life........

Its 4am , tea & toast , ready to return to embracing life for anything it may
throw my way.
Its been a turbulent year for our little family 
Always saying though " there are people much worse off " to get us through
Trying to put in perspective the events unfolding around the world & our own personal events
  eventually got too much 

People have said to me what a strong person I am at different times over the years
Its funny that I dont feel strong though. I am a quiet person who keeps her hurts close to the heart
Maybe I feel if I let them go I am weak or I will fall apart
Maybe that is the strength , but is it good for one to hold on ?
Maybe this is like a test to see what it feels like to let go a little , 'put it out to the universe'.

I know longer knew how to see joy in the beauty around me
I wanted to be sad , yet couldnt let myself  'totally' because of the children
I needed to use all the strength & energy I could muster to be there for my children
I took some time out from making commitments , blogging & even interacting with friends 
to quieten my busy mind  
Did it help ?
To a degree, but we still have a long road ahead 
I have come to the realisation I cannot put everything on hold waiting for the unknown that may 
or may not happen.
Like this photo I took of sunrise over Burleigh Beach , its a new day dawn &
I need to bring hope , harmony & positive thoughts into our life....
Be well my husband , our prayers are with you

Karyn x


  1. It sounds like life has been a bit tough lately and I hope you can get some happiness from blogland. I wish you and your family well and hope life is on the up. ;-)

  2. Hi Karyn,so glad to hear from you again. It sounds like things have not been good for you and your wonderful family....sending positive thoughts and hugs and prayers to you..and hoping your hubby gets well.Be strong and treasure special times XX

  3. Oh Karyn, it sounds like you've been through a real rough patch lately and I totally understand your need to have taken a blogging break and to try and find your way again. I hope your husband is doing okay. Sending you big hugs and thinking of you and your family x

  4. Karyn. You are not alone. I have had the worst year of my life. Putting it out to the universe helps... it really does. Look for all the little surprises that are suddenly sent your way when you do. Yes, and those children keep you going, when you want to curl up and be sad, you have to keep going for them. What a blessing they are. Quietening the mind... I realised mine had become too quiet so I had to throw myself out there again. It was hard and still is. I often wish I could hurry up the "time heals' bit. Thinking of you. A-M xx

  5. I've wondered where you've been and hoping all was well. Take care.

    TDM xxx

  6. Oh Karyn, it is awful to hear things have not been going so well. Hugs and special thoughts to you all. Take care.

  7. So sorry to hear you've been through tough times Karyn. I do know that blogland can be very supportive, so feel free to throw anything out there - you'll probably be very surprised by the encouragement that comes back to you. Thinking of you and your family, take care of yourselves. K xx


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x