Sunday, November 29, 2009

What happened to blogging every day ?

Kitchen before installation.....

Renovations , thats what happened ! I started out with so much enthusiasm. We had actually started renovating 6 weeks before I started my blog. All was well the first few weeks , the trades were arriving as scheduled & then the one little tradesman with a hangover (namely the plasterer) didnt show up one Saturday morning. Urrgg, that then caused a three week delay with reshuffling all the other trades that were to follow. The kitchen company also phoned during that time breaking there promise on delivery time.
So the kitchen I would only be without for 2 weeks turned into 6 weeks.
Its funny how you think it will be a novelty to not cook for two weeks but then turns into a hunger of , give me a cooktop & a saucepan. We would go up to the little italian restaurant around the corner with its open kitchen & watch the chef cooking our meal. One night the urge to create a meal was so strong , I just wanted to be in there cooking , Im so jealous of him throwing in the garlic , prawns into the hot oil & tossing it in his frypan with the flames underneath flying out, a pinch of salt there , fresh tomatoes, some baby spinach , torn basil leaves, drain the pasta, tip into the sauce , onto the plate, drizzle some olive oil over it.....
Oohhh the experience was excilerating ...............

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