Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Musings - Matisse Drawing Life Exhibition

We visited the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane for the Matisse Drawing Life Exhibition ,
Highly recommended 

It is the most comprehensive of Henri Matisse's prints & drawings ever mounted.
Presented in partnership with the Bibliotheque nationale de France.

First you take in the exhibition ,
Exploring the themes and subjects to which Matisse repeatedly turned throughout his long career, providing insights into the artists daily drawing practice
with over 300 drawings , prints & illustrated books.....

The drawing room is an interactive large scale drawing studio for visitors inspired by Matisse &
his working enviroments to encourage visitors in the creativity of drawing.....

There is even a violinist playing in the room adding o the ambiance......

See the nude statue in the middle of the room .....

Well, when we arrived I said to my 9 year old where would you like to sit & draw first (after all we were there for her , she is my little artist)
All the lovely areas with displays of  flowers & fruits 
No she walked over to the nude sculpture perched herself on the stool right in front , in the middle of the room , crossed her dainty legs like a little lady & proceeded to sketch the nude sculpture.
I stood back to observe , give her space , all the while thinking is this politically correct ? 
Twenty minutes later , she comes over to me , hands me one complete head to toe nude man sketch.
(at least he wasnt a live model)

My daughter using one of the interactive tablets also available to use...

This is where I was sitting next to her & decided to 'have a go' .
 Ive never been able to draw but I was so drawn into what was going on in the room , I 
become oblivious to every one around me. And produced not one but three sketches. I first did the bottles in front of me & then the large leaves in the beaker.

Here are the leaves I did , I was pleased with my effort , considering I never sketch.
(the one in the background is my nine year olds sketch)
All the beautiful quality paper , pencils & clipboards are provided.

A selection of the still life arrangements 
which include sculptures to fabrics & furniture......
(See the blue & white pot with the white orchids , it has been added to the list of 
must haves for the house )

Even the Matisse Cafe is inspired by his work.

More study's influenced from Matisse's time in Tahiti overlooking the Brisbane river....

to finish off there is an amazing exhibition shop for all Matisse books, art supplies
& fantastic French items.

I know this is a long post but I was so impressed with this exhibition & I learnt so much about the artist.
Im not by any means a artist or a expert & Ive taken my daughter to all the major
exhibitions at the gallery the last few years , but this one had drawn me in the most.
The exhibition is on until 4th March.

Karyn x

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  1. Looks fab! Been meaning to get there, but something always happens.

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