Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Help to find this please ?

Where 'o' where are you white deer head hook ?

I have gotten in my head I must have this hook for my new laundry makeover !
Yes it is showing on a couple of on line stores , but out of stock from May- July.

I would love to purchase it this week
If anyone knows the whereabouts (preferably in Australia) of one of these ,
I would be eternally grateful !

Karyn x


  1. Sorry Karyn, no I deer", sorry the terrible pun.

  2. Haha what do you call a deer with no eyes..

    Sorry, can't help you. I've seen them in the States, but not here.

    TDM x

  3. Hi Karyn, The last two post are hilarious, I don't have a deer joke but I can tell you I saw them for sale on Esty.com hope I have been of some help.

  4. I've seen that or something like it at Anthropologie (they ship to Australia, just make sure you're on the international site). Rachaelxx


Love reading all of your comments.
Karyn x