Sunday, September 23, 2012

When life gets in the way of blogging........

My mantra 
I say everyday
5 months since I blogged , where has the time gone.......

Well here is the short version
full version will come over the coming days

18 months ago my husband was diagnosed with liver cancer ,
Went on a liver transplant list ,
Had a liver transplant 3 months ago ,
I had to try and run his business & look after two young children while he recovered in Brisbane
Meanwhile a multi national company opened up directly across the road 
from our business ,
80% down in sales instantly
we went under within weeks ,
closed down a business that had been there for 30 years ,
now unemployed for the first time ever !
Trying now to find a way to save our home.
Have entered unchartered waters
Feel like I have aged 10 years but I 
have learnt I am a strong woman , stronger than I have ever imagined.
Grateful for the chance my husband has been given to see his young children grow up.
 Saddened at the same time a life was lost for this gift to our family.
We must embrace life 
no matter what challenges lay ahead for our family.
For now saying my mantra.....

Karyn x