Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A day on Hamilton Island

5am Good Morning from the Reef View Hotel

A early morning visitor decided to join me on the balcony

He is a real poser !

He decided to come a little closer to have a chat 
(really I think he wanted a fed)
See the church in the background , many couples come here to get married in this beautiful location.

As we both pondered on our day ahead ......

Child No. 1 awoke
(clearly there is a sign not to feed the birds as it creates an imbalanced environment)
Sorry Mr. Cockatoo 

As child no.2 & no.3  hubby slept we decided to go for a early morning walk on the beach

The tide is a long way out in the morning , its fun seeing all the tiny crabs scurrying about

Back to the pool for a early morning swim
before returning to the sleeping ones.....

A drive in the buggy around the island.....

Stop at the church & the wildlife park
(do you remember this face ? Its baby Oprah (I posted about her last year, when she had just come out of her mums pouch.
This year she was out having photos taken with guests.

Ahhh  another stunning view , if only I could wake up to this every day......
( just putting it out to the universe )

This family will be , sigh.
 Maybe I will be a lottery winner, one day
I wanted to take a closer shot of this house, there were gorgeous stone walls being constructed

A swim in the sea.....

Fun in the pool.....

Dinner at sunset over the marina.....

The pool looked so inviting that at 8.30 pm
Child No.2 & I went for a swim
while the others were sleeping.

Full Moon
10pm Reefview Hotel


All images - Hope Island Home & Living

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012 Ive been waiting for you....

Happy New Year
To my lovely readers
& remember to say 

each day is a new opportunity....

whatever happens i know i can handle it....

every thought I think is creating my future....

Karyn x

affirmations by Louise Hay