Thursday, November 24, 2011

Searching for this table

I saved this image a while ago
as I loved this table
Searched high & low
Does anyone know what it is made of ?
Where I could  find one or something similar ?

Just need a few touches to finish the main bathroom renovation

Karyn x

Image source unknown

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No Sweat ,No Calories, Refreshing Summer Drink

With our sweltering summer days upon us
I had a urge to share with you my favourite thirst quenching drink
I usually use a wine glass as it feels like I am having a wine without 
the 'side effects'
 No calories (maybe 1 from the lime)
3 magical ingredients is all required & 3 easy steps.......

1. A glass bottle of San Pellegrino
(of course you could use any sparkling water but hey you must admit 
the green bottle looks much prettier in the pantry)

2. A slice of a juicy lime

3. Ice

Step 1
Add the ice to your glass

Step 2
Add a slice of lime

Step 3
Pour the San Pelegrino

Done !
Now wasnt that easy

Look at those bubbles !
( Drawing a touch of the lime juice out )

Now Chill Out.....

Karyn x

All Images
Hope Island Home

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Around the house

 Image - Hope Island Home

 My little vignette next to the computer
(need a few more white shells)
This morning I looked in the garden for any trace of gardenias or roses 
that this summer heat hasnt sizzled up
The last remaining few
not as glorious as last week , but the scent is amazing.

We went for a walk early
and picked these pretties hanging over a fence.
I noticed in the background another vignette 
Lets take a closer look shall we ?

Image Hope Island Home

Maybe its a bit of a mix mash but its homely to us
Note the figurines , not usually my style
but my  8 year old daughter & I were
taking a walk one day
& saw this charming couple at a garage sale
she adored them. At first I cringed a little ,
 turned them over & they are 'Made in Japan'.
They came home with a little reluctance from me.

Image- Hope Island Home

There is something sweet & elegant about them
of a time gone by.
Ive grown to love them & they fit in with my Vicki Archer Books.
And I will have memories of the time a little girl 
 saw something special in them.

Have a wonderful Sunday
Karyn x

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bathroom tile help , pretty please.....

I took this photo of our ensuite 2 years ago when we started the 6 month 'renovation'
last week I contemplated painting the walls white & changing the handles & taps
just because I was so tired of looking at it.
I see it when I wake up in the morning , eekkk

But then I still have to live with 'this' 
mmm , beautiful blue tiles.
I could put the new frameless shower screen in
but we are taking out that hob eventually
so that would create more work later on.

And we need a new one of these

Double vanity ,
 there's those tiles again
Must choose a tile that dosen't date !

Usually have pretties & towels 
I took this quickly one day , in case we tore it all out
& I forgot to take a before shot.
(yes ,  I did forget for our laundry)

When you are deciding on tiles for me 
pretty please
should I take the tiles to the ceiling or retile to the same height
so I can put some artwork or the like on that wall.

When you are choosing my tiles 
( pretty please ) 
should I take them up to the ceiling or leave the wall to put some 
artwork or the like on ?

image via the house that A-M built

These are the floor tiles of my dreams

image via the house that A-M built

This is my dream shower......

I do love the combination of the two different sized subway tiles

More white & light bathrooms

Originally I was going to do a travertine bathroom 
to go with our french style bedroom

taken last christmas 

during the long renovation process the colour of the carpet choice was changed
we laid a light charcol carpet.
I realised travertine wouldnt go well
 & I do love whites.
I have thought about white subway tiles which I love
but our kitchen & laundry splashbacks are in those
so something different would be a lovely change.

This is what I do know

1. The bathroom layout will stay the same
2. There will be a double vanity with a stone top
chrome lever taps
3. Frameless shower screen
4. Chrome fittings
5. We are on a tight budget for this bathroom
6. We dont have a contemporary theme
7. Create a classic timeless look

So why the rush
Hubby has been unwell & it may get worse before he gets better , 
it would be nice for him to have a lovely room to relax in.
We purchased the whole house carpet 5 months ago 
& the carpet was laid except our bedroom because the ensuite needs to be stripped.
Im just over this reno !
So I put away my beautiful bathroom pictures
& decided to try to go budget tile shopping 
the lovely A-M (from The house that A-M built ) 
did a beautiful post on bathroom tiles
where my very favourite floor tiles came up.

This is where my lovely readers come into play.
Any suggestions , helpful tips would be 

Karyn x

Saturday, November 12, 2011

5th Birthday cake overload !

A couple of months ago my gorgeous boy turned 5
Here is his offical birthday cake I made him

Looking back at the pics , I had to ask 
when is too much cake
too much ?
Lets take a look at his birthday cake week.......

Day 1 

Night before kindy day
OH no ," I havent made cakes for kindy birthday celebration"!
Quickly whip up cupcakes , too hot to ice before bed.
Ice in the morning , mmm how will I decorate , 
mix up green icing & stick on dinosaurs I had ready to put in the kids party 
boxes on the weekend.

Tick !
One happy Boy

(actually lots of happy boys , mums came up to me saying how their sons had said how cool
James's cakes were)
Im such a girly minded girl  lady ,  Im never quite sure what boys might like.
I got this one right. 

Day 2
Actual birthday 
Chocolate Whoopie 
Special morning tea out (daddy took the morning off to spend with him)

Day 2

His actual birthday day
Poppa bought him a surprise cake when we stopped in for a visit 

"Its ok (I guess) boys arent dainty"
See the spoon there ?
Where would the fun be if we used a spoon.....

Apologies for this graphic shot

Day 3
Party Day
Loved how it turned out even with the candles on it

Happy smiles &
a clean face this time.

So when is too much cake , too much ?

Maybe next year we should invite all the extended family & friends 
to 'one' special day.

Karyn x

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Afternoon Tea By The Sea ?

When you dont have a view of the sea
What do you do ?
Compromise of course.
In the school holidays when we have a girlie day at home ,
Miss. S loves to set a little table for our morning tea.
Usually its flowers from the garden,
but on this particular day 
she thought our new little courtyard could do
with a backdrop view.

This is her own painting she did at art class, clever poppit.
Why did I not get the artist gene ?
It came from my mum , 
apprently skipped a generation in the middle.

Karyn x

(for tea connoisseurs an apology for using teabags instead of leaves in the teapot)